my passions and my mission


    My history as an audio-visual communication expert began many years ago.

    I’ve always been a curious person, but, of course, I did not know what my future held for me, so when I was just 6 years old, I started studying the piano and buying the first classical music records to practice. At the same time, growing up, I gradually acquired an interest in the DJ industry and soon this interest and passion became my job. As a DJ, I started working in some clubs in the Abruzzi, and then in the best clubs in Italy. In the 1990’s, I first moved to Milan to work for dance music producers, then to London, where I completed a Sound Engineering program, so that I could work as a concert sound engineer and for recording studios. Indeed, I started touring both in Italy and abroad, working with several major artists, including Finardi, Vecchioni, Branduardi, Concato, Simple Minds, Eurythmics, and so on. I have travelled a lot and made many sacrifices, but I was also satisfied with my job.

    And the day came when I felt the need to shoot a music video for one of my music productions, and on that occasion I decided to return to London to attend a music production master diploma course, to learn how to create video content. At the end of my master program, I knew how to use a film camera, but I had no idea it would become my business partner.

    So, I quit my job as a sound engineer , and I focused on video production: I finally felt complete!

    I started working as a wedding videographer about ten years ago; at the time I was mainly dealing with documentaries, when a colleague asked me to “film” his wedding Working as a wedding film maker gave me the chance to exploit my skills as a sound engineer and as a video maker, filtering them through a common denominator: “MY HEART”. When shooting a wedding, my eyes “work” in harmony with my heart, because only if you use your heart you can understand and convey emotions. I enter the life of the couples I work with unobtrusively, not to alter the reality that surrounds them, and I am often moved by their stories, to the point that I subconsciously enter their dream and think that “love is good, and what it can create is even better”.

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